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A painter whose heart is broken and spirit is contrite

Hello, I am Khánh Linh. I am an oil painter.Fine Art holds a deep place in my heart. Picking up a brush always makes me feel liberated, concentrated, and at ease.

I have never been formally trained in the field of art in any university. Instead, I began my personal journey of self-study at an early age. I am extremely grateful to God. He has guided and led me on this artistic path.

I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to share my artstic journey with you.


I paint in worship and thanksgiving to God, honoring His wonderful creation. God has preserved my soul. 

Every one of my paintings draws inspiration from lessons I’ve gained through my own life’s experiences. 

I hope that my paintings serve as a form of therapy for the mind and soul, a means of healing and restoration. It’s my way of conveying my deepest emotions, feeling comfort and love.


Ngoc Mo Mai

Art Expert

Nhan Sam Mai

Corporate Art Director

Gia Lac Mai

Quality Control

Tue Cuc Mai

Creative Director

Dieu Pha Le Mai

My Muse

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